Flare, Beast of Fire is the fifth greater beast you'll fight during the Legendary Beast Invasion. After you defeat him, you'll have to face Etherealo, Beast of Air. He'll spawn in the Underworld.


HP: 35000

Attack: 55

Defense: 60

Drops: Amulet Piece (100%)

25 Gold Coins (100%)


This battle has 2 phases. As soon as you enter the battle, Flare will perform the standard jump. After this, he'll begin attacking viciously. At the end of Phase 1, Flare will drop into the lava, seemingly defeated. Afterwards, he'll rise up with an even greater glow of red around him. This will increase his speed and number of attacks. He will shoot fireballs and jump on top of the player constantly.

Phase 1 HP: 35000

Phase 2 HP: 8000