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Glowsword is a Pre-Hard Mode Sword crafted using Glowsticks. It makes a big amount of light and it does a decent amount of damage. Sometimes it shoots a rainbow laser.


  • 18 Damage
  • Very Fast Speed (Autoswing)
  • It shoots a rainbow laser at every 5 seconds. (38 Damage)
  • Average Knockback
  • Tooltip: "Twinkle Twinkle Little Sword.."


  • 1 Wooden Sword
  • 5 Yellow Glowstick
  • 5 Blue Glowstick
  • 5 Pink Glowstick
  • 5 Iron Bar


  • Credit for the Sprite goes to Wydro
  • Pun: Glowsword - Glow Sword - Glow`s Word.
  • Sprite made using Piskel.

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