Hellfire Armor Is a Hardmode armor that is crafted. When any weapon hits an enemy they are inflicted with the "Hellfire" Debuff.

Hellfire Armor 2.1


Hellfire Helmet:

  • 25 defense
  • +20% Melee speed
  • Tooltip: "It might burn your brains!"

Hellfire Breastplate:

  • 18 defense
  • +20% melee damage
  • Tooltip: "The chestplate inflicts burns that enrage you"

Hellfire Greaves:

  • 16 defense
  • +15 melee critical strike chance
  • +10 speed
  • Tooltip: "Go faster than Usan Bolt!"


Hellfire Helmet:

  • 1 Molten Mask
  • 1 Hallowed mask
  • 5 Hellstone bars

Hellfire Breastplate:

  • 1 Molten Breastplate
  • 1 Hallowed Breastplate
  • 5 Hellstone bars

Hellfire Greaves:

  • 1 Molten Greaves
  • 1 Hallowed Greaves
  • 5 Hellstone bars

Set Bonus:

  • When a enemy is hit they are inflicted with "Hellfire!" for 10-30 seconds.


  • The Tooltip "Go faster than Usan Bolt!" is a reference to Usan Bolt who is the fastest runner in the world.
  • It is a recolor of Chlorophyte armor.

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