Maxwell is a Nightmare Mode NPC that spawns once the Keeper Of Souls is defeated. He sells many useful pre-Nightmare Mode items. He also says the status of the spreading of the Nightmare or the "Realm of them".


He uses the Book of Nightmares


He appears to be a tall man taller than the clothier that wears a tuxedo and a red rose on his front shirt pocket. He has pale skin and has a cigar in his mouth at all times.


  • Book of nightmares (40 gold)
  • Nightmare Blade (20 gold)
  • Purity cleansing powder (10 silver)
  • Nightmare Fuel (10 silver)
  • Nightmare Throne (3 platinum)
  • Cigar (10 gold) (halloween)
  • Maxwell's tuxedo (10 gold) (Halloween)
  • Maxwell's trousers (10 gold) (Halloween)


  • "(Name of world) is (percent) Nightmare! Keep trying!"
  • "No, (Name of clothier) is not taller than me! I'm 7 inches taller!"(Clothier must be present)
  • "I have been sent here to warn you!"
  • "You have angered Him?  I said not to do that!"
  • "One does not simply ask how old I am and get away with it!"
  • "(Name of wizard) thinks he can do magic, I'll  show him real magic!" (Wizard must be present)
  • "Have you seen Charlie?"


  • The NPC name and his quotes are a reference to Maxwell, the main antagonist in Don't Starve.
  • He is the tallest NPC as referenced in his quote.
  • He aways seems to be warning you about "Him", an unknown person.
  • Charlie is a reference to the main antagonist in Don't Starve Ship wrecked.
  • The quote "One does not simply ask how old I am and get away with it!" is a reference to the famous quote and meme "One does not simply walk into Mordor...".