Nightmare Cthulhu is an upgrade of the Eye Of Cthulhu, and is much more dangerous. It can be summoned with a shadow eye at night. It has significantly more health, and has a more harder AI than the Eye Of Cthulhu. It has 4 stages that increase in damage and speed.


  • Health: 150,000 | Servants: 3,000
  • Damage: 50, 70, 120 | Servants: 100
  • Defense: 10, 20, 40
  • Knockback resistance: 100%

Stage 1

In its first stage, it attacks are similar to the Eye Of Cthulhu, flies around, and occasionally sends its servants toward you. It will stay in this stage until it reaches 100,000 health.

Stage 2

In its second stage, it resembles the Eye Of Cthulhu's second form, and will attempt to damage you as much as possible. Nightmare Cthulhu will stop shooting its servants but gains a defense boost of 70. It stays like this untill it reaches 75,000 health.

Stage 3

Nightmare Cthulhu will gain a massive speed boost and gains intense speed just like the Eye Of Cthulhu. It will frequently charge at you and attempt to ram you.

Stage 4

It reaches stage 4 when it reaches 50,000 health. In this stage, it creates clones of itself. They are 4 eyes with the same health and AI as Nightmare Cthulhu. The clones look extremely alike and will try to hurt you. Its clones can  kill you, but you can only kill the original eye. After defeating the main eye, all the other eyes will disappear, and the loot will drop.


  • 1 platinum coin and 50 gold coins (100%)
  • Lenses 30-40 (100% with The Eye Gun)
  • Black Lens (100%)
  • Eyenades 10-20 (100%)
  • Soul of the Haunted 5-10 (100%)