NOTICE: This is a work in progress and the only mode accepted on this wiki, others will still be taken down off of this wiki!

Nightmare mode is a post-hardmode mode that is activated after you defeat the Keeper of Souls. It provides new monsters and a new biome called the Nightmare. The monsters that spawn there are more challenging and can be difficult to newcomers. When this mode is activated, it cannot be undone, and will stay in that world forever.


After defeating the Keeper of Souls, you will see massive shaking on the screen, as the world will overdo some massive changes in the world. When defeated, this text will come up in chat:

"The world is changing....The nightmares are coming!"

When this happens, 5 parts of the Nightmare biome appear underground, new monsters will start to spawn, and the nightmare will start to spread at a fast pace.




  • Eater of Dreams (Corruption)
  • Nightmera (Crimson)


Death unicorn (Night)


American hero

Shadow Knight


Main credit and the hard dirty work goes to Terrariaman1700

Credit for some of the ideas goes to Anthony Plays

Credit also goes to JohnThompson500