Shard, Beast of Darkness is the first greater beast you fight in the Legendary Beast Invasion. After you defeat him you will next have to defeat Sicile, Beast of Ice. You'll fight him in the Corruption/Crimson.


Hp: 15000

Attack: 30

Defense: 45

Drops: Amulet Piece (100%)

25 Gold Coins (100%)


When you first enter the Corruption/Crimson, Shard will leap in your direction in an attempt to damage you. He'll continue jumping around until you successfully damage him enough. Afterwards, he'll began casting dark spells and continue his jumping around, but will soon teleport behind you and attempt to get a stealth blow in. This is a sign that you have entered Phase 3. He will continue trying to hit you with dark spells, but will occasionally cast a spell that does 25 Damage automatically if you don't hit him in time. This is the only new attack he has in Phase 3.

Phase 1 HP: 15000

Phase 2 HP: 9000

Phase 3 HP: 3000