Sicile, Beast of Ice is the second greater beast you fight in the Legendary Beast Invasion. After defeating him, you'll have to face Elektro, Beast of Lightning. You fight him in the Snow biome. If your world does not have a snow biome, it will temporarily gain one during this event.


HP: 18000

Attack- 25

Defense- 60

Drops: Amulet Piece (100%)

25 Gold Coins (100%)


Sicile, unlike other beasts, prefers to keep his distance. He will first jump at the player, similar to every other beast, but will then back off and fire ice blasts. It is highly recommended that the player use a ranged weapon or magic weapon for damaging him, as he is almost impossible to approach without wings with a sword. After taking a certain amount of damage, he will enter Phase 2. He will then start to use the fighting style of the other beasts, fighting close range.

Phase 1 HP: 18000

Phase 2 HP: 11000