Skeletron PrimeMK2.1
Prime SawMK2.1
Prime LaserMK2.1

Skeletron Prime MK2 is a harder version of Skeletron Prime. It is summoned with the Signal Tablet at night. It consists of a Skull, 2 Prime Laser MK2s and 2 Prime Saw MK2s.



100,000 HP

30 Defense (90 while spinning)

100 melee damage

300 melee damage (while spinning)

Prime Laser MK2

20,000 HP

15 Defense

50 melee damage

200 laser damage

Prime Saw MK2

20,000 HP

15 Defense

250 melee damage

The Fight

When Prime is summoned he will fly just above the player and fire lasers and stab them with saws. During this time the head and saws are protected by a shield generator that makes them invincible. When the lasers are destroyed Prime will headspin dealing massive amounts of damage. Then a message will appear saying "Saw Shield has been disabled!". This means the saws are now able to take damage. During this time Prime will slash at the player with his saws. Once the saws have been destroyed a message will appear saying "Skeletron Prime Shield disabled!". Once this happens Prime will constantly headspin dealing insane amounts of damage.


Razersaw: 50%

Laser Assault rifle: 50%

Skeletron Prime MK2 trophy: 10%

Treasure Bag (Skeletron Prime MK2): 100% (expert)