The Brotherhood Is a harder version of the twins that are summoned with a Battle Flag at night. Retinazer MK2 will fire a Electric Ray while Spazmatizim MK2 Dashes at you and fires Demonic Flame.

The Brotherhood 2.1


Retinazer MK2:

  • 80,000 HP
  • 40 defense
  • 80 defense with shield
  • 100 melee damage
  • 300 Electric Ray damage (350 supercharged)
  • Inflicts "Superblasted" debuff

Spazmatizim MK2:

  • 85,000 HP
  • 45 defense
  • 90 defense with shield
  • 250 melee damage
  • 400 Demonic Flame damage (450 supercharged)
  • Inflicts "Demon's Wrath" debuff

The Fight:

  • When The Brotherhood spawns they will both dash at the player dealing 300 damage. Then Spazmatizim MK2 will start dashing at the player and shoot Demonic Flame while Retinazer MK2 will Shoot Electric Rays. When The player reaches half health then they will rapid-fire projectiles at the player until the player is at more than half health. When the eyes are at half health they both generate shields that increase their defense. They will then gain supercharged versions of their attacks.


  • Electric Chaingun: 33%
  • Demonic Flame (spellbook): 33%
  • The Brotherhood (yoyo) : 33%
  • Retinazer MK2 trophy: 10%
  • Spazmatizim MK2 trophy: 10%
  • Treasure Bag (The Brotherhood) 100% (expert)